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This has to be the most Multi Purpose Apron!

Each apron is happily sewn into the most vibrant fabrics and patterns!

Perfect Gift Idea for anyone who loves cooking, gardening and enjoying a cold beer/soda with friends after a big day in the kitchen or garden!

Top 5 features:
-Stylish Beer/bottle opener: Antique Brass finish
-Assorted O'Ring Hand towel hanger: removable for washing
-Cissor/cutter hanging strap
-Harvesting Pouch: A simple manoeuver allows Bottom half to transform into a pouch

-Adjustable Lenght: Side webbing allows the apron to be shortened to desired lenght

Extra feature:
-2 front pockets with pen holder

Size: Universal, one size fits all.

This product is 100% handmade.
Let's get back to what Handmade really means!

Secret Garden

Only 3 left in stock
  • Size: Universal, one size fits all.

    Measurements: 83 cm long and 75 cm wide (33 inches long and 29 inches wide)

    *Please note: Slight variations in measurements may occure since the aprons are 100% Handmade(+-1inch from measurements mentiones above).

    Cleaning: Cleaning: Machine Wash, Do not Bleach, Do not Tumble Dry, *Remove Hand Towel Ring prior to Machine Wash

  • No returns or exchanges.

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